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Rick Torseth is proud to announce the launch of the new podcast 10,000 Swamp Leaders.

10,000 Swamp Leaders is a podcast that wades into muddy lowlands in search of people who have built social impact movements. The world needs 10,000 more people in the next five years who are willing to lead on issues like peace building, climate change, income inequality, and gender equality. Rick Torseth and his guests will unpack leadership lessons learned, why small wins matter as much as breakthroughs and how failure is our wisest teacher.

Leading is ALWAYS a Choice

Building adaptive leadership capacity that supports social impact for the Common Good

Our world is challenging us with climate change, a war in Ukraine, a lingering pandemic, a recession, and fragmented politics. We need at least 10,000 more people willing to lead on these wicked challenges. I suspect you are on my website because you have some interest in leading.

You are one of the 10,000.

The work of leading means mobilizing people to make progress on difficult challenges. This will be hard work. You will need to develop your leadership craft. I can help you with that work. Read on to get a feel for what a world of leading requires.

We would love to get to know you.

Download the “Five Mistakes of Leading” article

Adaptive Leadership Principles

  • Leading is an activity, not a position or a role
  • Anyone can lead, anytime, anywhere, in the system
  • It starts with you, and you must engage others
  • Your purpose for leading must be clear
  • It’s risky; you can get hurt

The Leadership Capacities Needed

  • Manage Yourself
  • Diagnose and Interpret the Situation
  • Intervene Skillfully
  • Energize Others

The principles and capacities form the orientation and holding space to develop and build your leadership capacity. These principles and capacities will keep us grounded and focused.

About Rick

My responsibilities as your coach are to support both your development process and your undeveloped leadership potential. There will be tension here. We will seek to resolve that tension in favor of your potential.

It can be argued that the single biggest barrier to exercising leadership is courage. What makes great leaders so impressive is not what they are doing but the fact they are doing it at all. The principle of courage is not meant to be an inspirational point but simple logic. You reap the benefits of what you actually do, not what you hope to get around to doing some day if it is convenient and you are not too busy.

My job is helping you sustain yourself during your development process. The commitment required is to a long-term goal rather than a series of smaller goals. This single decision changes everything. We can get work done from this place.

The secret then is to show up, do the work and go home.

Realize Your Talent and Full Potential

Leadership coaching can help you realize your talent and full potential.

Our professional leadership-coaching services will support and serve leaders who know that organizations and teams need new tools and capacities to lead in these turbulent times.

Coaching slows the leadership game down.

Coaching provides time on your calendar to think. And feel. Coaching provides the structure and discipline you need to realize your underdeveloped leadership potential. Coaching identifies your blind spots and hidden assumptions that consistently knock you backwards.

Coaching renews your growth mindset and aliveness.

Coaching will reconnect your inner self, values, core beliefs and dreams with your outer actions. Coaching addresses your anxiety and stress and frees you to create your world using your head and your heart. You are worth that investment.

Coaching offers a practice for life.

Coaching provides space to practice new skills. It is through practice, feedback and deep reflection that you gain insights to yourself. It is inside your coaching practice that you will build resilience and grit. And more heart. Give yourself the gift of six coaching months and change your life.

Determine Your Coaching Needs

Bring an end to the state of overwhelm. Let’s determine your coaching needs.

“As the CEO of an international non-profit organisation, I have incredible freedom and yet I can feel lonely in some aspects of my role. Rick’s coaching really helped me rehearse my options, gain clarity, and prepare my actions. He is a master of his craft. The coaching doesn’t feel formulaic – it’s fluent and natural conversation that supports self-reflection. As a result, I am a better person, a better leader, and we are a more effective leadership team and organisation.”
—Mark Clark

From Survive to Thrive

Follow our plan.

Take a simple test

Consider how true each of the first 6 statements are for you (1 – 5 scale) and answer 7 and 8 below. We can then pinpoint the aspects of your leadership you want to improve.

  1. I have a history of high achievement and hitting my goals.
  2. I am a good problem solver.
  3. I am following a designed leadership development plan.
  4. I can distinguish a technical problem from a wicked problem.
  5. I have a designed practice of self-reflection.
  6. I am comfortable with ambiguity.
  7. What is my definition of leading?
  8. Why do or would people follow me? (They have a choice.)

Design your own practice of leading

I will show you how to develop a practice of self-reflection, turn your thoughts into work-related actions and help you get candid feedback from people you trust.

Put it into action

You will gain momentum. I will help you break down things into small wins that will create and sustain change over time.

Drive your growth

You will regain control of your own development.

Thrive inside complexity

You will be able to accomplish your mission with success because you will become a better leader.

Clear thinking, strong backbone, wise heart.
Elevate your leadership.

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Don’t let others and circumstances decide your leadership future.