Leadership Coaching Offer

You don’t have to let others and circumstances decide your future.
See how Rick’s coaching can help.

Initial Conversation: The Chemistry Test

We begin with an hour conversation. This is our chemistry test to understand if working together is useful for both of us.

In our first conversation, we will also discuss your leadership goals and your leadership challenges. I will share with you my development approach and outline a process for building your leadership capacity.

If we both pass the test, we will work together for six to twelve months on a bi-monthly schedule. Our work will be in person as much as possible with phone and video used as necessary.

Coaching Sessions

We will begin the coaching process by clarifying your desired leadership outcomes and goals. We will also establish your current reality: where are you today? It will help me to see any 360° feedback reports, performance reviews or other assessment tools or processes you have taken in the past few years. All information is useful for both of us.

You are at this point in your career because you have leveraged your talents and capacities, and you have produced meaningful results. We need to pay attention to your underutilized talents and potential. There are more capacity building opportunities inside your talents and potential. Our work is to get more of that potential into action.

Part of my work is to provide you with resources for your development. That might include readings, some writing on your part, self-reflection exercises, art and cultural experiences that expand your perspective and self-awareness.

Leading produces many emotions and outcomes. Leading can also be one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences we can have outside of life with family. We will seek that experience together.

“It was a rough period. I felt stuck in a role and completely overwhelmed. Rick provided a safe space for me to share my stories. He extracted incredible insights and gave me the tools that helped me understand and navigate my situation. Thanks to his guidance, I successfully transitioned to a role and an organization where I now experience positive professional growth.”

—Mary Masla

Leadership is learned. Leadership is a choice.
Leadership is an action.

FAQs. You’ve got questions. Here are some answers.

What should I expect from the coaching process?

Expect to be surprised. Expect to discover things about yourself that you’ve either forgotten or never knew. Expect laughter — and maybe a few tears. Expect to feel challenged: It takes work to access all your untapped potential. Expect resistance, because making a positive change is harder than sticking with a bad habit.

As client, what will I need to do to succeed?

I ask that you show up open-minded and engaged. I ask that you keep your word and do what you say you will do. I ask that when the journey gets hard (and it will), you ask me and/or other people you trust for help. I ask that you prioritize what you want during this coaching process. (To that end, I ask that you forget about what your boss, your partner, your spouse, your parents, and the rest of the world wants.) I ask that you approach the coaching process as a rare chance to be a positive narcissist and indulge yourself.

How might I fail?

“Failure” means doing the opposite of everything I outlined above. Failure means you live out other people’s dreams and goals. You let your fears win. You pretend. You underestimate your capacity for greatness. You bring neither grit nor resolve.

As a coach, what is your role?

My job is to help guide you all the way through this journey. I’ll provide resources and strategic tools (that’s the easy part). I’ll offer candor and honesty to ground us while we explore your limitless potential. I’ll help you understand and recognize your blind spots, negative mental models you use to derail yourself. I’ll also make sure we are honoring both the outside world that holds your work and the inside world that holds your head, heart, and spirit. I’ve learned that if we neglect either one of these spaces, it all gets hard.