What inspires me

This is my public declaration of policy and aims

  • Courage is freedom + anxiety
  • Relationships are primary; everything else is derivative.
  • The only way to mobilize people is around purpose.
  • There are no leaders, there is only exercising leadership.
  • Being aware is more important than being smart.
  • To be a better leader, develop more heart.
  • When in doubt, tell more truth.
  • Think systems: Work to get the whole system into the room.
  • Focus on capacities and potential; they bear more fruit than deficiencies.
  • Know the difference between wicked problems and technical problems.
  • Listening is not a soft skill, it’s damn hard work.
  • People improve through feedback, not through rules.
  • Grace is not being perfect. Grace is the speed of the response after the breakdown.
  • Just because you are not sick does not mean you are healthy.
  • People don’t get in trouble for telling the truth; they get in trouble for not telling enough truth.